Web design for your needs

If you are reading this page, you are probably interested in getting a website or restyling your existing one.

I create websites using WordPress exclusively: I prefer to focus on a specific tool rather than being jack of all trades. And WordPress powers 24% of the internet websites, including The New York Times blogs, Forbes, UPS and The Rolling Stones (source: WordPress notable users). It’s a mature and robust product.

WordPress is like a set of Lego blocks, you can start small and add additional components as you need grow. E-commerce, blog, portfolio, directory services, auctions: you name it.

While web design represent my core web activity, I also offer services like:

  • SEO consulting and optimisation
  • Mailchimp mailing list creation and management
  • Security and backup
  • E-commerce consulting
  • website consulting
  • social media & websites information exchange

My objective in web design philosophy is very clear: the final outcome has to be clutter-free. My aim is to deliver a clean-looking and user-friendly experience while keeping in consideration the client’s needs and inputs.

I am here to help you to build and maintain your web presence.

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Some of the things I will do for you:


  • Connector.

    Ask you questions

    I need to know what you are aiming for and I want you to be completely happy with my service.

  • Connector.

    Give you homework

    there are things I can do for you and things I can’t.

  • Connector.

    Give you an extra level of security right from the start

    WordPress is secure, the human factor less so.

  • Connector.

    Give you a full website backup upon delivery

    So you can always go back to day one just in case. That’s free of charge, of course.

  • Connector.

    Guide you to get your hosting

    I strongly believe you have the right to own your website and control it as you see fit.