Euphonique Sound Logo

Euphonique Sound (Sydney/AU) – 2015

Euphonique Sound is an Enmore-based boutique sound design agency run by a young and talented sound designer called Ashleigh Wadebrook.

I was approached to create her logo and the logo had to be styled according to these guidelines:

  • Sleek, a little bit futuristic
  • Cool, trendy, stylized
  • Simple, minimal

The waveform was a natural choice and the fonts have been long favourites of mine, Bebas Neue and Eurostile. While the latter has been left untouched, the Es and Q have been slightly retouched to give a more personal touch to the overall composition.

Bearing in mind printing costs for, I opted for a one colour only logo: 30% black background and 90% black text.

Marco did a wonderful job of designing my logo. He had a great sense of what I was looking for and helped me build on my idea to create a very impressive design.
I would definitely recommend Marco to anyone looking for a professional logo that catches the eye and will impress your clients.Ashleigh Wadebrook • Sound Designer