About Me

I’ve started my career in London cropping and etching pictures for the very first merc clothing e-commerce websites. In the early 2000’s I moved back to Italy and worked for clients like 55DSL, Gattinoni, Lobster apparel, Kawasaki shoes. I’ve been involved in music since my teens and I keep on working with music related business, whether they are clubs, artists or professionals.

I now live in Sydney where I freelance both with clients and other design professionals.

Current Projects

  • mcstudio.com.au - Graphic Design Marrickville - Coffee Direct logo coffee cup
  • mcstudio.com.au - Graphic Design Marrickville - Italian Style Bakery Paper Bag
  • mcstudio.com.au - Graphic Design Marrickville - The Rocks Logo Business Card
  • mcstudio.com.au - Web Design Marrickville - soulbrew.org hexagon logo

My Philosophy

I’ve learnt to listen carefully to my prospects: I want to understand your needs before coming up with a plan and providing solutions. I prefer to explain a concept rather than hiding it behind a buzzword.

I always strive for a clean and clear output, sometime simple (as in minimal). But I never opt for the easy way. The final result you will get from me is a carefully crafted mix of experience, knowledge and curiosity.

Interested? Find out more about my work in my portfolio.

What about contacting me using the this form? We’ll have a chat and if we found out that we can work together, we will. Should you wish, you can follow me on various social networks following the links at the bottom of this page.